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Piper... is having a day.

It's not hard, really, it's like a demigod curse, bad days. It's starts with the dreams, continues with the nagging insecurity that people only love her because she's accidentally suggested they do so with her strange love magic, it ends with her falling down the stairs in her loft and swearing because, wow, if that isn't at least a mild sprain, she doesn't know what is.

She manages to limp over to the couch where she collapses, looking out the window. There she lets herself have a few melodramatic tears and a few minutes of missing Max. It'd be easier being a klutz if he was around, but her boyfriend has been gone for a year now, looking for Sally.

So instead she calls Bruce, tells him what happened and asks him to come over and wrap her ankle because even after four years of being a danger magnet and three years in Teleios, she still hasn't figured it out. But she has figured out who will appropriately take care of her. At nineteen, she's still just a kid, she adopts dad-figures.

Sorry Bruce.

She is still curled on the couch -- with her ankle lifted by a couple pillows -- when Bruce arrives.
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Bag slung over one shoulder, full of medical supplies, Bruce knocks on the door when he reaches it, then calls out to her, both to let her know who it is and that he's coming in. She probably saw him from the street, knew he was coming, without need for a warning, but he figured it was better safe than sorry. He doesn't want to startle her, nor does he want her to have to get up and get the door, if she's got a sprained ankle.


"Hey," he starts, once the door's closed behind him. He'd ask how she was doing, in the name of small talk, but that seems a little cruel, all things considered.
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He can't help but smile back, as she does, because yeah, the warmth apparent even through her exhaustion and pain is nice. It's short-lived, however, if only to be replaced by concern for her, disappearing as he unshoulders his bag and settles into the offered chair.

"How bad was the fall?" He hates to ask, but it seems important to, if only to determine whether or not she might have more problems than just a sprain.
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He glances over his shoulder to the staircase, then back to her with a wince. A moment of silence follows, as he studies her, trying to decide whether or not she's being completely upfront, and when he finds he can't, shakes his head. Whatever. He'll check her eyes, just to make sure she doesn't have a concussion or something, regardless, but first, he should probably make sure her ankle is wrapped, at least.

That in mind, he reaches into his bag for a spool of cloth bandaging, and then pushes the thing onto the floor to free up his lap. He pats one knee. "Put your foot up here."
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"After I leave," Bruce begins as he works carefully to start wrapping her ankle, "I want you to keep it elevated. I'll get you some ice to put on it and something for the pain before I go." Because he and Tony have totally worked out how to make aspirin from scratch, here.

He'll bring back a brace, too, at some point, so she can put weight on it, if and when she needs to. Not that he wants her to go running around, but he figures she won't sit still until she's healed, as much as he'd like her to, and the brace will keep her from hurting herself further or not healing right in the first place.