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Piper screams, the suddenness of being whipped off her feet and manhandled into the air by a hand the size of a mini cooper turning her into a shrieky, girly mess. The sound of Leo's identical shriek, albeit slightly deeper, effectively brings her back to her senses.

"GIANT!" She feels a little like Rose Tyler yelling at a Dalek, but she tries not to think about it, keeping all her focus on verbally shoving her will down the giant's throat. "Stop!"

It works, the giant stopping so fast her stomach somersaults into her throat and she hears a pained whimper coming from Leo. Perhaps she should have specified. Stop gently. Note to self. She does her best to put force behind her words, which immediately backfires.

"Put. Us. Down." is immediately followed by "Pick us up, pick us up!"

She screams again, but this time it's in frustration. How did a stupid, dirty giant figure out a loophole like that? Damnit. Maybe it was just his incredible lack of intelligence, he didn't understand what her command meant.

Nervously, she tries again. "Gently put us down on the ground. Do not drop us." Breathing out a sigh of relief, she smiles at Leo as the giant deposits them both gently on the ground. Leo grins back at her for a second before the smile melts off his face like snow.

Following his gaze, Piper's jaw dropped.

"Um, Leo?"

"Yeah Beauty Queen?"

"I'm thinking run."

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