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open } rp sample of awesomeness

Who: Piper McLean & You
What: Miscellaneous
When: Whenever
Where: NOT on the Argo II
Rating: PG-13?
Note: SMALL SPOILERS FOR MARK OF ATHENA. RP/third-person sample for [community profile] paradisa.


Piper was nervous. The constant pacing back and forth and practicing her lines was not helping. y. Annabeth's constant double checking of everything was not helping. Jason standing at the very tip of the bow was not helping, no matter how many times Leo reassured her that he wasn't going to let the Golden Boy die. Leo's friendly chatter about something or other was not helping, although it was comforting, in a fmiliar sort of way.

She tried to force it all out of her mind and into her words, tying the charmspeak to her emotions. "So just put down your weapons--" There was a clatter behind her and she winced, turning back to see Leo stooping down to pick up one of his Wii controllers. "Sorry."

"Do you want to crash, Beauty Queen?" Th edge to Leo's voice was the only tell that he was as nervous as she was so she forwent biting his head off.

She sighed and flicked the back of his ear. "Sorry, Valdez. I'm just..."

"Freakin' out, flipping your shizz, about to wet yourself?"

Piper scowled, glaring at her best friend. She really needed to work on making friends that weren't Leo. He grinned at her and she gave him a shove, pushing him towards his controls and away from her.

She started pacing again. "We just want to talk. We don't want any vi--"

An explosion knocked Piper off her feet. Stunned, it took her a moment to crawl to her feet. She pulled Katoptris, breathing heavily as she looked around trying to figure out what caused the explosion. It was then that she realized she wasn't on the deck of the Argo II anymore.

She was in the middle of what looked like a grassy knoll, alone.

This was going to end badly.
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Cassie wasn't expecting to be in the middle of nowhere suddenly, either. One minute, she and Diana had the Crystal Skull in hand, overpowering their father. Everything burned, everything ached, and the power was still coursing through her veins when she suddenly found herself very alone and very Skull-less. She whipped her head to her right, then her left. Nothing. No one. "What -...?"

It had to have been because of the dark magic, whatever they'd done with it, but... She couldn't pinpoint any reason, and she felt a distinct absence of the skull's presence, and of Diana's, and of her father's, of Adam's... If it was because of the dark magic, Diana should have been brought here, too. Nothing. So when someone she didn't recognize showed up... Her first thought was -

"Balcoin," she murmured, turning toward a girl she had a sinking suspicious was another half-sister of hers. Wrong or not, her gut wrenched. Who else could it be? Cassie approached quietly, but not without a commanding presence. "Hey!"

Okay. Maybe not so quietly.
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"I could ask you the same thing!"

What the hell was this girl doing with a knife? Cassie slowed her pursuit slightly, way put off by the levels of crazy suddenly radiating from the brunette in front of her. She held up her hands, frowning. "I'm Cassie. Blake. I'm one of the Blackwell children? I figured you might be, too. Why else would we be in the same place?"
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Cassie exhaled in relief as the knife was tucked away. It wasn't as if she couldn't handle herself, or get the knife away, or set it on fire... But she wasn't really looking for a conflict at the moment, so she would rather have avoided it. And she didn't think getting stabbed sounded like much of a good time, either.

"... Right. Piper. So, what're you doing here, then? And why am I with you? If you're not a Blackwell..."
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"Whoah, what the -?" Mercy was at a total loss here. One moment she'd been in the garage working on a transmission and next she was here, wrench still in hand. She stared around the hill, trying to get her bearings, and her eyes widened again as someone appeared right out of thin air not twenty feet away.

"What is going on here?"
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Mercy hadn't missed the dagger, but when the other woman lowered it, she stuck her wrench in her back pocket, wincing when she heard the crunching noise. Damn. Another cell phone ruined.

She brushed back wayward strands of hair that had come loose from her braid, absently leaving a smear of grease on her forehead. "Poof, huh?"

She turned in a full circle trying to take in the whole picture. "I've never seen this place before. You?"
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April had taken a break for some ... privacy.

Here's the thing about traveling with three dudes and trying to keep some sense of modesty intact. They make her take a sword with her to use the bathroom. It's a little ridiculous but at the same time, given the amount of trouble you can get into in Everworld, even she can admit that it makes a little sense.

But only a little.

Thankfully for Piper, when she landed in front of April, April was pretty much finished and decent again. She had her sword, and she was slowly making her way up the hill, studying Piper carefully.

"Um. You okay?"
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There was a dagger. It was a nice dagger, April had to give her a little credit, but yeah, compared to Galahad's sword it looked a bit like a shrimp.

"Somewhere between Eire and Helheim," she said slowly, looking over Piper's clothing. "Though that probably means nothing to you right now."
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Now April was confused. Because Eire and Helheim mean nothing to the girl, but she knew Olympus? And she was clearly trying to invoke someone right there -- she'd seen enough of it in Everworld to recognize it when she saw it -- but there was no answer.

This was a little weird. But April was nothing if not helpful. She held out her arm and pointed.

"That way, I think. It's a giant mountain -- you really can't miss it."
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April just stared at her, dumbfounded for a moment, before she turned to follow after her. She couldn't in good conscience let this girl run off on her own.

"Wait. Wait!"
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"You shouldn't go alone." It's probably not the best warning in the world. "There's a mess of ... all kinds of crap between here and there."

Not that it would be any safer for April and the rest, but they at least have some clout. "My friends and I -- we can take you."
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April relaxed, flashing her a smile before nodding. "Okay. We made camp back here."

There was a pause.

"And ... you might want to change your clothes."
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"Hello Kitty tends to stand out around here," she shrugged. "And if you want to get to Olympus, it'll be easier if we don't stand out."
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"Here you want to be non-threatening. The tougher you look, the more likely they'll leave you alone. Everworld doesn't exactly work by normal real world rules."
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A grassy knoll on a planet several thousand light years from Earth. She'd appeared out of nowhere, startling the member of Voyager's away team who'd been inspecting this area of the planet by her lonesome. Neelix had insisted this planet was ripe with resources after being given a tip from a trader he deemed a reliable source. Seven doubted the informants reliability, having not found any traces of the fruits and vegetables the Talaxian had listed. She'd been out here for over an hour and was just about to check in with the other members of the away team with the woman appeared.

She drew her dagger; Seven drew her phaser. This planet was supposed to be devoid of humanoid life. "Identify yourself and state your intentions."