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Piper... is having a day.

It's not hard, really, it's like a demigod curse, bad days. It's starts with the dreams, continues with the nagging insecurity that people only love her because she's accidentally suggested they do so with her strange love magic, it ends with her falling down the stairs in her loft and swearing because, wow, if that isn't at least a mild sprain, she doesn't know what is.

She manages to limp over to the couch where she collapses, looking out the window. There she lets herself have a few melodramatic tears and a few minutes of missing Max. It'd be easier being a klutz if he was around, but her boyfriend has been gone for a year now, looking for Sally.

So instead she calls Bruce, tells him what happened and asks him to come over and wrap her ankle because even after four years of being a danger magnet and three years in Teleios, she still hasn't figured it out. But she has figured out who will appropriately take care of her. At nineteen, she's still just a kid, she adopts dad-figures.

Sorry Bruce.

She is still curled on the couch -- with her ankle lifted by a couple pillows -- when Bruce arrives.
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Player Info
Name: Emma
Age: 27
Contact: or violently_blue @ plurk
Characters Already in Teleios: Amy, Aurora, Kali
Reserve: Here

Character Basics:
Character Name: Piper McLean
Journal: [personal profile] cute_andviolent
Age: 16
Fandom: Heroes of Olympus
Canon Point: Post Mark of Athena, on the Argo
Class A: 22 years
Class B: 27 years, 6 months
Class C: 42 years, 4 months
GRAND TOTAL: 91 years, 10 months

Canon Character Section:

Piper is fiercely loyal, to the point of putting herself in danger for her friends. She will go to bat for anyone she considers her family, and she befriends people easily, so her family is mostly made of friends, the family she chose for herself. She has a stunning ability to see the absolute best in people, which is why she can get along with Leo so easily when everyone else is annoyed to death by him. Which is good because Piper and Leo are best friends.

She also can't stand bullies and will stand up to them on principle alone even if she is fighting a losing battle or if she'll get her ass kicked. She does not believe anyone should be bullied. It may be because her mother is the goddess of love, but it is more because of the bullying she put up with during her childhood for being half-white. She is particularly bristled by the terms "half-blood" or "half-breed".

She gets along with most people until they prove that she just can't, and so she can be a little too trusting of people. Which is contrary to her problem of keeping things bottled up and to herself to keep others from worrying. She really does think of other people far more than herself to the detriment of a. her safety, b. her feelings, and c. probably the greater good.

She is a little snarky on occasion and calls people out on the bs on the regular, but she does it (for the most part) kindly. LOOK SHE IS A GODDESS OF LOVE'S CHILD, SHE IS MADE OF LOVE OKAY.

She can "see possibilities" as part of her birthright from her mom so she puts a lot of faith in her friendships and relationships hoping to see those possibilities come to fruition, but in a natural way because she refuses to push people into it.

Which is difficult when her predominant power includes ripping away people's will and replacing it with her own. OOPS? She is still fairly conflicted about how her charmspeak works (because she is basically mind raping people and that is just wrong, tbh) but she has grown to accept it and wields it with some fierce skills. She is strong enough with her charmspeak to control spirits of possession as well as the people they are possessing.

She can carry a lot of blame for things going badly (re: eidolons possessing her boys, getting knocked out (often) which delays quests and puts people in danger) and she keeps it inside, so it can gnaw away at her with a feeling of helplessness. She is a good fighter, but she relies so much on her charmspeak that she needs to learn how to strike a balance and forgive herself for not being, like, Conan the Barbarian.

On that vein, she is a huge tomboy, but she is learning that she doesn't have to tone down her looks in order to be freaky fierce and amazing.

AS FOR TELEIOS: double sided. One on hand, she will enjoy the freedom of not having to be on the huge quest that will probably end in her death and the death of her friends and the outbreak of a huge civil wars... but on the other hand, she will be all alone and have none of her friends with her coming from a time IMMEDIATELY POST LOSING TWO OF THEM. So she will have a lot of feels regarding being alone.

But, love conquers all and she will willingly admit she has debt so working it off seems natural to her (Hercules did it with his labors, so it's a demigod birthright), so she will make the best of the situation and endeavor to help others to do so. She is a really calming force, which she would use to help people come to terms with it.

Also it will kind of be a relief to her not to have charmspeak on the table so she can deal with talking to people and knowing perfectly well that whatever friendships she makes have nothing to do with her power. Which has never happened before in her life. So it will be a big deal to her.

Overall, Piper is a friendly, sweet teenager, with sullen, snarky teenager habits (she is sixteen, she isn't always nice) and a very large personal ideal that if she can help, she will help.

Demigod specific abilities:
+ ADD: Like most demigods, Piper has senses designed for battle and supernatural reflexes.
+ Dyslexia: Piper's brain is hardwired for Ancient Greek.
+ Knowledge of Greek Mythology: Piper knows a lot about Greek mythology after going research on the subject for a role her father had.
+ Charmspeak: Has the power of charmspeaking, allowing her to influence others with her opinion.
+ French Fluency: As a child of Aphrodite, Piper is fluent in French due to it being the "language of love."
+ Love: like her mother Piper is capable of varying degrees of control over love, lust, beauty, etc. though on a smaller scale.
           She can attract the opposite gender when they walk by.
           She has the ability to change her physical features, as Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. This can be seen when Jason mentions that her eyes change color.
+ Beauty: Piper is able to radiate beauty, regardless of how she may look. This ability prevents enemy forces from willingly attacking her, even as she charges them.

Other abilities:
+ Katoptris: Formerly owned by Helen of Troy, Katoptris is Piper's dagger. It's a ceremonial dagger with the ability to show more than just the holder's reflection. Piper is very adept at using it, she just doesn't like it.

Appearance: Piper is a beautiful girl of Cherokee descent. She has tan skin, chocolate brown hair that is cut choppy and uneven with thin strands braided on either side of her hair and eyes that change color like a kaleidoscope going from brown to blue to green. She is very pretty, but although she is a daughter of Aphrodite she has a simple, tomboyish style.

Actionspam Sample:
Okay, Max, where is this thing?

Prose Sample:
Piper was nervous. The constant pacing back and forth and practicing her lines was not helping. Annabeth's constant double checking of everything was not helping. Jason standing at the very tip of the bow was not helping, no matter how many times Leo reassured her that he wasn't going to let the Golden Boy die. Leo's friendly chatter about something or other was not helping, although it was comforting, in a familiar sort of way.

She tried to force it all out of her mind and into her words, tying the charmspeak to her emotions. "So just put down your weapons--" There was a clatter behind her and she winced, turning back to see Leo stooping down to pick up one of his Wii controllers. "Sorry."

"Do you want to crash, Beauty Queen?" Th edge to Leo's voice was the only tell that he was as nervous as she was so she forwent biting his head off.

She sighed and flicked the back of his ear. "Sorry, Valdez. I'm just..."

"Freakin' out, flipping your shizz, about to wet yourself?"

Piper scowled, glaring at her best friend. She really needed to work on making friends that weren't Leo. He grinned at her and she gave him a shove, pushing him towards his controls and away from her.

She started pacing again. "We just want to talk. We don't want any vi--"

An explosion knocked Piper off her feet. Stunned, it took her a moment to crawl to her feet. She pulled Katoptris, breathing heavily as she looked around trying to figure out what caused the explosion. It was then that she realized she wasn't on the deck of the Argo II anymore.

She was in the middle of what looked like a grassy knoll, alone.

This was going to end badly.
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Piper has the ability of Charmspeak, a type of persuasion in which it allows the speaker to convince someone else to do or get whatever they want. It's similar to the powers of persuasion and compulsion.

Piper is really good at it.

It can be used on mortals, demigods, monsters, Titans, and even gods (though powerful deities are more resistant to it) and it doesn't work as well on other charmspeakers.

That being said, is it alright for Piper to charmspeak your character?
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Who: Piper McLean & You
What: Miscellaneous
When: Whenever
Where: NOT on the Argo II
Rating: PG-13?
Note: SMALL SPOILERS FOR MARK OF ATHENA. RP/third-person sample for [community profile] paradisa.


Spoilers Ahoy! )
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PLAYER JOURNAL » evenasiwander @ LJ
INSTANT MESSAGING » littlepsychicava
OTHER METHOD OF CONTACT » violently_blue @ plurk
HOW MANY CHARACTERS DO YOU CURRENTLY PLAY? » Dean, Haymitch, Idonae, Jo, Johanna, PJ, Ruby



FANDOM » Heroes of Olympus

TEACHER/STUDENT? WHY? » Student, because she's seventeen.


+ orange 'camp half-blood' tee shirt, jeans, underclothes, and well worn black boots. Silver ski parka.
+ celestial bronze dagger, named Katroptris.
+ small scrapbook with pictures from camp and stuff.
+ blackberry just for talking to her dad

HISTORY » In which Piper is seriously bad ass just by existing.

PERSONALITY » Piper is fiercely loyal. She will go to bat for anyone she considers a friend, and she befriends people easily. She has the lovely ability to put up with really annoying people and still appreciate them (her best friend is a ADHD spazz). She's a tomboy, disregarding her looks as superfluous, so the only time people see her in a skirt or a dress is when her mom magically mugs her. She's kind of snarky and very liable to roll her eyes are your general stupidity, but she can also be incredibly comforting and sweet. She's the goddess of love's kid, she's literally MADE OF LOVE. She will even shoot you down sweetly.

AU BACKSTORY » Piper and Jason have a falling out, so to get away from him -- running away, who Piper? Never. -- she takes the school year off from camp and heads to Talanton, because Chiron thinks it's safest for her.

ABILITIES/WEAKNESSES » Piper's mom is the goddess Aphrodite, so Piper is in fact, half-human, half-god. Awkward. Piper has the ability of Charmspeak, which is persuasion in a charming little package. She's actually quite accomplished at it, going so far as to bring Jason back to life when she tells him to WAKE UP and telling various and sundry monsters to go take a flying leap. Her Charmspeak is really strong, but she doesn't use it a lot because she doesn't like to take away free will from humans and demi-gods, it's rude and pushy. She also has the ability to speak french because it's the language of love. She can also "see possibilities", but I'm going to ignore that because it only makes sense in the context of the book.


ANYTHING ELSE? » Um... her knife will just pass through humans? It can only hurt monsters, gods, and demi-gods, so I don't know if it would affect the kids at school. Cas and Ruby might need to steer clear of it, though, it would HURT.
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Piper screams, the suddenness of being whipped off her feet and manhandled into the air by a hand the size of a mini cooper turning her into a shrieky, girly mess. The sound of Leo's identical shriek, albeit slightly deeper, effectively brings her back to her senses.

"GIANT!" She feels a little like Rose Tyler yelling at a Dalek, but she tries not to think about it, keeping all her focus on verbally shoving her will down the giant's throat. "Stop!"

It works, the giant stopping so fast her stomach somersaults into her throat and she hears a pained whimper coming from Leo. Perhaps she should have specified. Stop gently. Note to self. She does her best to put force behind her words, which immediately backfires.

"Put. Us. Down." is immediately followed by "Pick us up, pick us up!"

She screams again, but this time it's in frustration. How did a stupid, dirty giant figure out a loophole like that? Damnit. Maybe it was just his incredible lack of intelligence, he didn't understand what her command meant.

Nervously, she tries again. "Gently put us down on the ground. Do not drop us." Breathing out a sigh of relief, she smiles at Leo as the giant deposits them both gently on the ground. Leo grins back at her for a second before the smile melts off his face like snow.

Following his gaze, Piper's jaw dropped.

"Um, Leo?"

"Yeah Beauty Queen?"

"I'm thinking run."
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